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Prometheus and Bob

Lately I have struggled with creating decent stories for my shorts. I conversed with several peers of mine, and one suggested that I watch Prometheus and Bob, a stop motion animation featured on Nickelodeon's KaBlam!. It has been years since I have seen the show, but luckily, this was the perfect reference for me. 

"900,000 years ago, an alien video taped his attempts to educate a cave man; The Prometheus and Bob tapes."

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7:41 AM

Preliminary Story Ideas

Failed attempts at training a Wolf-dog

Purpose: hunting, hauling, tracking, guarding, companionship

Fetch Ideas:
(potential items: stick, stone)
- dog goes wrong direction and does not see item thrown
- dog does not drop item for man
- dog drops item, but immediately grabs it right when the human tries to pick it up
- dog growls and tugs when man tries to take item away 
- dog can't get large stick out of entry way
- man throws item but it bounces off a wall and hits man (dog retrieves item and drops on unconscious man)
- dog plays fetch with himself
- dog has no interest in item thrown

Guard Ideas:
- dog alerts when there is a rodent or bird
- dog sleeps (runs in sleep) as saber-toothed tiger invades man's home or food
- dog goes to sleep in man's home

Hunting Ideas:
- dog cannot find fallen animal
- squirrel climbs tree, dog cannot access it
- dog eats collected food (fish, nuts, berries)

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4:17 PM

Comedic Animation References
I find the short gags featured in these animations quite appealing. The simplicity of the shorts (minimal layout, set, duration) makes them incredibly successful.


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The Beginning
This is the first post of my untitled dog animated short(s)! This blog will contain the process I take to create an animated short about the domestication of the dog. Here are various visual styles that I am considering for the animation. As you can probably tell, I thoroughly enjoy the work of Meg Park:

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