After attending John Pettingill's thesis defense last week, I have decided to pursue 2D animation for my animated short. 

The hour long presentation emphasized the large amount of patience, organization, and time needed to create a successful 3D animated short (which, I discovered quickly, I do not possess).

It appears that my idea for my animated short is not directly related to my current artist statement. Dr. Parke suggested that I revaluate what it is I would like to portray in the short. Dogs are a personal matter to me for obvious reasons. I decided to record them as such:

  • mutual appreciation of company (between man and dog)
  • desire attention
  • provide company
  • playful
  • protective
  • entertaining
  • unconditional love
  • exercise companion
  • excited by one's presence
  • empathetic
  • social aspect (dog parks, conversation amongst friends)
  • human characteristics often depicted by dog
  • considered a family member
  • caring
  • attachment more than other domesticated animals
  • special bond and connection
  • early established relationship between man and dog
  • intelligent
  • wise
  • motivation to assist
  • service dogs
  • humorous

More reasons why I love man's best friend: